Idea Log

This is my own well of ideas that will I will try one day, that are maybe half-baked, or just beyond my resources.
If you find anything useful here, be my guest and use it freely, as long as you give credit for it.

Israel Velodrome

Date: 1 Jan 2010. Stage: Vision

The last decade was unprecedented bloom for Israeli bike riders, with over 100,000 amateur riders. Still, there is a growing dissonance between the increases in the number of riders to the low results of Israeli cyclists on international events. How come a small country such as Luxemburg has 3 of the world’s top cyclists, and Israel that has great success in Olympic fields of Judo, tennis and parasailing, brings such lame results? Israel is mostly flat, and has very good weather for cycling. however it is lacking in infrastructure, and there are so many road accidents that most of the road cyclists are either stupid or crazy. Riding bicycle in a Velodrome enhances the rider’s technical and physiological skills.
Most of the professional riders have been Velodrome riders in their past. A cycling training complex that includes a Velodrome can upgrade the cycling field in Israel and will also allow league competitions between riders clubs.
We the riders are waiting for an entrepreneur to take on the challenge and make it happen.
My personal dream is that such a place would be build outdoors by the famous Israeli sculptor Dani Karavan, who is known for his huge concrete monuments.

dani karavan monument to the negev brigade

I can almost image it.