Fun stuff

Bits and pieces from my life, some of my hobbies and activities.


Tooth Brush, 2008

A Brush made out of teeth... get it?
Plain Absurd.

Toasted Bread Launcher, 2009

This is a bread toaster we used to have at work. We used it for heating just about everyting. After losing enough frozen Pizza slices due to poor aim, we have decided to make a real toast launcher out of it.

Droid, 2007


Sound & Vision

Rock Band project

Jamming on bass Guitar with my nameless band, 2011.
Jamming on bass Guitar with my nameless band

Cello Experience

The apartment building where I live is constantly humming. Musicians tend to stick with other musicians, I guess. Otherwise, I can't understand who would want to live next to a Classical Cellist, A Piano player, an electric guitar teenager, a girl learning to play flute, among others. Someone is always practicing something somewhere, just when you want to fall asleep.
When my first floor neighbor found out I play Bass Guitar, and used to (very long time ago) to play the violin, he challenged me to play the Cello as well.
He found an Old Arabic-style Cello for me, gave me a prompt lesson and a booklet, and pushed me to the deep end.
I am sure none of the other neighbors were as excited about it as he was. He livs in the farthest apartment from us, so he doesn't really get to hear me 'wolfs’ on it every morning.
Starting to play Cello

Short films

In 2005 I have completed my screenwriting studies at the Isreali Screenwriting school.
since then I have participated in a few independent projects, and also in the 48 Hour Film Project.
Most of practical skills I learned were on-the-job training. I have worked with some great and patient people on a few short films. I did everything I could to help others and learn by doing. This is definately the best fun you can have with your clothes on.
One of the best experiences I had was on this short film:

Scouting Skills

Lighting fire, stone age style.
After I had the privlige to meet with the inspiring guides of "Keepers of the garden", I have learned to appreciate nature in a whole new sense.

This is me lighting fire without a lighter or matches:
Lighting fire, stone age style

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