Current project: V2 Geodesic Dome

It was such a great weather on that weekend.
We headed to the beach and erected the geodesic dome for the first time.
We had no tools or extra parts, but luckily everything just worked! Seeing my plans become a reality was extremely empowering.

Putting together the dome.

Background: I am a fan of geodesic technology ever since I took a course in deployable structures, but this was the first time I gathered enough resources to build a full scale dome.
This is a V2 Geodesic dome made of Aluminum and a triangles of shading net.
The design is very modular. There are only 2 sizes for the Aluminum poles and fabric triangles.
This makes this dome very easy to deploy, to replace parts, and store.
Another fun thing about it was that all triangles can be opened/closed separately, according to the ventilation and privacy needs.

The dome was a success. The kids loved it because it was fun, and everyone came to appriciate how roomy it was inside. Thanks to the dome's internal air circulation, the temperature diffrence between the inside and outside was significant.

Status: It was quite an attraction on the beach that day, and a few inquiries about a "mass-production" model.
constructing the dome was a fun experience, and I have learned a lot from the guy's feedback.
My current interest is to create a foldable version that can be deployed in 20 minutes.
There is a definite demand for that in the Israeli Summer!

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